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MUA £4 Palette Wonders? / Review

Hey Guy's

So today i wanted to bring you another review on the MUA (Makeup Academy) line. This time i have decided to review the 3 palettes of theirs that i own. I want to just start off by saying how much i love MUA as a brand so these palettes came as no surprise to me. MUA, for those of you who don't know, are a super affordable brand that's based in the UK. Many of their item's are only £1 (I own a heck of a lot of their £1 lipstick's so let me know if you'd like to see a review on them.) Anyway, they ship internationally so i will leave their link at the end of the blog. I'd highly recommend you check them out because honestly, i use their brand over a lot of my high end brands such as Two Faced and Anastasia!
Anyway, onto the review

The three palettes i own are

.Undress me two- Super nude palette, great for every day. Mix of mattes and shimmers.
.Dusk Till Dawn-Super good for a smokey eye look. Mix of matte's and shimmers.
.Silent Disco- Super fun bright colour's with a mix of matte's and shimmers.

These palettes retail for £4 and they're exclusive to Superdrug i believe. You get 12 shadows in each palettes which makes the shadows 33p. How crazy is that?!?!? it's 9.6g which means you get a pretty decent amount of product in each palette. The packaging is plastic and feels good quality for it's price. On the back it tell's you the ingredients to every shade which i think is great. It also tell's what shade has what finish which is great.

My first palette is the Undress Me Two palette. As you can see this palette is so well loved. It has 4 matte's and 8 shimmers. I have used this palette to death. I've has it for around 2 year's so i should probably get a new one. My fav shade is Lavish and i'm so sad i'm almost out of it. The palette is such a great one for travel as it's really great for getting a whole natural look and they're super light weight. They're all quite creamy in formula. The black is a little chalky and has quite a bit of fallout but it's super pigmented so you can't really complain. Over all i love this palette so much and i'd defiantly recommend it!

The next palette i have is in the shade Dawn Till Dusk. This is a super smokey palette. I was given this for my 18th birthday back in 2015. I have not used it much because i tend to stick to a natural eye but i do really love it. You get 0 matte shades which is kind of a bummer but the shades it does have go really well together. I really like the shade Thym as an inner corner highlight. They're all super buttery, creamy and pigmented. There's not much fallout either which is a bonus.

The final palette i have is in the shade Silent Disco. This is a super fun bright palette. The reason i picked this up was because i was looking for a single red eyeshadow for the christmas period but i couldn't find one anywhere. When i went into superdrug and found this is was so happy! Not only had i found the red i was looking for, it was also by one of my favourite brands and it has so many other beautiful shades with it! This is my favourite palette of the three. The formulation is just so creamy and the pigmentation is insane! My favourite shade is Electro. It's a gorgeous galaxy type purple. Glam and Psychedelic are awesome too. I used this quite a bit over christmas and no doubt will get a lot of use out of it for the summer. This is one of their newer palettes i believe and the feel of the shadows seem's even more incredible than the last. I'm so impressed!

Overall i think these palettes are insanely good and i want every single one they do! £4 is an absolute bargain and they're worth so much more than that! You get a great amount of shadows and a great choice of colour's and they're super super creamy. If you can get your hands on them then i would highly recommend you do. They're the most used palettes in my collection and i definitely wont be getting rid of them in a hurry!

MUA Official Website:
MUA Through Superdrug:    (Sometimes superdrug does 3 for 2 so keep and eye out! :) )

(I've noticed the pictures have come out rather small and blurry. They will be updated but i wanted to get this blog out for your guy's :) )


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Cortical Basal Ganglionic Degeneration

Cortical Basal Ganglionic Degeneration. What a mouthful aye. Let's call it CBD for short. CBD is a very rare brain disease. The reason i'm writing a blog post all about it is because my beloved Nan was recently diagnosed with CBD. When my granddad first told me what the disease was called, it was like a blur to me. I thought he was speaking in some kind of different language. I knew my Nan had been diagnosed with Dementia but i knew there was more to it, i just didn't realize how quite serious it was...

What is Cortical Basal Ganglionic Degeneration?

CBD is a very rare brain disease. It's so rare in fact that the doctor's looking after my Nan don't even know about it and they're relying on the fact's from my granddad. CBD is caused when the natural protein in our brain, known as tau, doesn't break down enough. It causes clots in the brain, killing and damaging the cell's. It affects not only the brains surface (cortex) but it also affects deeper down in the brain, know as the Basal ganglia, hense the name CBD.


There is no one way to test for CBD. Patients are put through many test's and thing's are ruled out. They often look for things such as Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) and Parkinson's first. They will rule out diseases such as these and thing's such as strokes before they can diagnose them with CBD.

Symptoms of CBD:

There are quite a few symptoms of CBD and they're taken very seriously. They consist of:

  • Struggles Swallowing
  • Struggles controlling limbs
  • Struggles talking
  • Memory problems
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Slow and slurred speech
  • Balance is off
  • Lack of Coordination
The symptom's tend to develop over a long period of time.They tend to find that one limb will become uncontrollable first on one side of the body and over time it will spread to several limbs.

Complications of CBD:

CBD causes many complications due to the brain cell's not being there anymore.In my Nan's case, CBD has meant:

  • She has to be fed through a tube, known as a Peg. This is because she is unable to swallow food's due to the muscles in her mouth being attacked. It also mean's she's unable to drink properly and tend's to drink via a swab. This is just a little sponge that get's dunked in her drink that she has to suck on.
  • She can't stand on her own without the help of people. Because her muscles are wasting away and getting attacked, it mean's her balance is very off. If she was to try and stand by herself, she would most likely fall over causing broken bones and further damage.
  • Violence. Following on from the dementia symptoms, it often causes my Nan to become violent. She can go from a fantastic mood to telling everyone to f*ck off and leave her alone withing 2 seconds.
  • Due to the clot's in her brain that CBD is creating, it gives her a higher chance of contacting Phenomina, which can be deadly in normal circumstances, let alone this one.

There is currently no treatment for CBD. Once you have CBD there is no cure for it. There are many tablet's that can make it easier to deal with. For example, tablets can help with 
  • Memory
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Sleep
Due to the nature of the disease, it can make it very difficult to administer the tablet's at times.

Rate of developments:

Doctor's say that from first symptoms,the life expectancy for someone with CBD is 6-8 years.Symptoms tend to differ in speed from person to person. From my personal experience, One month i was at my Nan's, she was able to hold a cup and drink alone, she was able to make a drink, talk, walk, go to the toilet alone etc. After a month of not seeing her (which is rare for me) she had completely gone downhill. She was no longer able to walk properly, drink, talk or even pick thing's up. Within a couple of day's she was admitted into hospital, where she has been ever since. We've been quite unfortunate with how quickly thing's have progressed but it's not the same for everyone.

What care is needed:
People with CBD need very intense care. They need something that is known as Palliative care. What this basically mean's is they need care to work around the problem. Since they can't cure it, they need to care that can make it a bit easier and more comfortable to live with. My granddad had been my Nan's main carer on a day to day basis but due to the rate of development, he's not longer able to care for her alone. She need's 24hr care from specialists.

Another thing that CBD patients have to go through is therapy. There are 3 kinds of therapy they have to endure including:

  • Physiotherapy- This is therapy that helps deal with the physical side of the disease. Due to muscle stiffness and uncontrollable limbs, physiotherapy is really vital to patients with CBD. It help's to keep their muscles from completely locking up and becoming uncontrollable.
  • Speech Therapy- Speech therapy is also key. It help's them to improve their speech and talk a lot better. I've personally noticed a big difference thanks to psychotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy- Occupational Therapy is less of a physical therapy. They identify the problem's that you're having and they help you to plan a goal on how to make it easier in the future.This is used more towards the earlier stages of CBD when everything is a bit more manageable. 

CBD has been linked to genes but the likely hood of it being heredity is very slim. CBD is such a niche thing that has completely blow up mine and my family's lives. It's very expensive and very painful, not only for my Nan but for my family also. We're trying so-hard to get out of hospital for 1 last Christmas together because it's highly unlikely she will be with us next year and if she is she won't understand what's going on.
I've set up a Just Giving fund-raiser page to try and raise some money for my Nan's care. If you have any money you can donate then please do. You can donate as little as £2 and it could really make our lives a heck of a lot easier. If not then please, take the time to share it. Two seconds of your time could give us 2 million more seconds of her time

Thank you 

Just Giving Page:

Monday, 16 May 2016

Luke Grundy- 2 years on.

Hey Luke
This is just a short post today. Just an update you might call it.

So what have you missed? Nothing exciting.

  • Some bellend called Donald trump wants to become president. You'd think he is complete twat tbh.
  • There's been a few dance moves out recently. The Dab and the Nay Nae. They're pretty fkn shit (they're kinda catchy tho but shhhhhhh don't tell anyone i said that!)
  • Bieber kinda became a massive thing. He's dropped some pure bangers.
  • Meme's. So MaNY MEMES

2 years though...
How the heck has it been 2 years already. How time flies. We are nearing the final few weeks of college now. Im preparing to go to Uni. Scary times. To Think that this time 2 years ago we were all preparing to do our exams (Which i know you would of smashed btw.) is absolutely fricking cray cray.

Sometimes i stop and just think, i wonder how things would of ended up if you were still with us? Would you have gone to College? What what you of studied? Would you be going to uni. Who know's what would of happened aye. All i know is that whatever you would of chosen to do in your life, you would of absolutely smashed it, even if you would of got distracted along the way ;)

Sometime i get random memories pop up on my facebook of me and you and they really make me smile. The other day the video of you me and Sammie in science popped up, you know the one where you said "oh No" in the family guy accent? Fkn classic Luke that was. Super good times <3

People say everything happens for a reason. I reckon the reason you left us is because everyone in heaven needed you brains and your humor more than us.I'm sure we would all do anything to have it back though <3

Anyway buddy. I miss you so much. I love you so much.
Until next year


Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time- Panic! At The Disco Video Review

Pop rock sensation Panic! At The Disco have finally released the highly anticipated video for their track "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time." 

"Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" is the second track off of Panic!'s 5th album " Death Of A Bachelor" that was released earlier this year.

In term's of weird scary sci fi shit, this music video really ticks all of the boxes. It might seem sweet and innocent from the start but if you know Brendon Urie, you know nothing with him is ever as straightforward as it seems. If what you're into is weird transforming space octopuses then look no further as i've found the perfect video for you.

Supposedly, the song is about a drunken night out where Brendon wakes up and he has no idea who he is or who he is with. He tries to recall his wild night as comes to the conclusion that these kind's of nights are the best and they shouldn't be used as warnings hence the phrase "Don't threaten me with a good time."

Back to the video. The video is styled very much on a movie. The opening credits and movie roll sound effect's make it very clear that the video is going to tell a story. The whole video is told through out main character's point of view. 

The story starts with our main character getting ready and going to a night club. As she makes her way to the bar she meets our character who is played by Brendon Urie. His character start' to flirt with her. At first she seems reluctant but she soon gives in and they drink a lot together before finally reaching the dance floor.

This is when our music explodes. Using many different quick cut shots, the story continues to show us how well our two characters are getting along. They show us shot's of them dancing and just having a all round great time together.

Going into our second verse, thing's start to take a dramatic twist. Brendon's character realizes that this girl is in fact, not human at all. He starts to walk away but she follows him, enticing him back in. Confused and bedazzled he decides to drink some more before eventually being taken back to our main character's house. Completely wasted, Brendon's character get's chucked around the place whilst slowly getting undressed. Thinking he's in for a really good time, he ends up on the bedroom floor, only to find out that he's actually come home with a space octopus.

Quickly, dashing down the stairs, he looks for a way to escape. He picks up a lamp and chucks it straight at the octopus. Of course, octopuses have sucky tentacles meaning our octopus just grabbed the light, before swinging it back round and knocking Brendon's character clean out. Before he can fully wake up again, he get's dragged away by the octopus. Vulnerably, he's left hanging in the octopus's arms. As the music erupts, so does Brendon's character as a tentacle goes straight through his skinny little body.

Finally, his dead caucus is eaten and our octopus friend transforms into Brendon, ready to start his whole process over and over again.

If you're waiting to see Brendon in High Heel's and a chiffon skirt, then prepare to be disappointed because this video is a whole new level of crazy.

To watch the video you can head on over to Fuled  By Ramen's youtube channel.

You can also by the single "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" here:

You can also view exclusive behind the scene's footage on the RockSound website.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Tanya Burr Lipgloss Review

So,yet again I'm late to the bandwagon with everything. So late that she's now bought out a ton of new lipgloss's and repackaged the old ones. 
I've had these for around 6 months but I completely forgot I owned them until a few weeks ago. Now if you're like me and you're not a big fan of lipgloss's you're very picky about what you wear if you do wear a lipgloss. I'm all about finding cheaper alternatives to high end brand. Being a student I do not have enough to splash out on things such as Mac and benefit, as much as I'd love to be able to. 
I have the lipgloss's in 7 different shades. When I bought them I accidentally duplicated one of the shades. I've also managed to lose one of the glosses somewhere. Oops. The shades I have are:
.I Found Nemo
.Heart Skipped A Beat
.Wxotic Island
.Picnic In The Park
.Afternoon Tea
.Just Peachy
The great thing about these glosses are the colour range available and the pigmentation of the glosses themselves. 
They all have a very faint light sweet/fruity scent. I think it smells amazing. If you're not into scented products don't worry. They're not super potent. The glosses themselves are very high in gloss and they're easily applicable. They're slightly sticky so not the best for the wind but they do look gorgeous, on their own and paired with other products. They retail in Superdrug for £5.99 but I got mine off of Frangrence Direct for £1.99 each. 

1.I Found Nemo
Firstly can we just talk about how cute the name of this is! I love it. This is by far my favourite lipgloss of the collection that I own. It's a very gorgeous pinky coral colour. It has a very orange undertone to it. I think this colour is absolutely amazing for the summer or if you're on holiday. It last a very long time and the colour payoff is insane! 

The gloss it's self does have some very fine chunks of gold glitter in it but it's not noticeable when on the lips. 


2. Heart Skipped A Beat
When I purchased this I accidentally bought this red instead of another one that I was planning on getting (let's travel the world) which kind of sucked. This gloss is super glittery in the tube but again it doesn't have muchas  effect when on the lips. The colour looks very red in the tube but when on the lips it gives off more of a coral red colour which is disappointing. 

I don't like wearing this colour by its self but I do love to pair it up with lipstick (see last blogpost.) Its not a bad lipgloss, it's just not my favourite. 


3.Exotic Island cute is this name?!? This is a very true to colour gloss. It's not as pigmented as it is in the tube but it still gives off an amazing vibrant purple colour. I chose this colour because I was hoping it would be true to colour and I was not left disappointed. It's unlike anything I have in my collection.It looks gorgeous on its own or paired up with other lipsticks. 
If you're brave enough then I'd definitely recommend trying it out! 


4.Picnic in the park 
I bought this shade because I had heard so many great things about it. It is truley the most perfect everyday wearable colour. It's a pink with a slightly coral/light pink undertone. This is such a perfect colour if you're wanting a little bit of colour but you're not wanting anything too much. It's super glossy and it lasts a long time. 
If you're wanting to try somthing from the range but titre not sure on what, I'd defiantly recommend picking this up. Also this is perfect if you're just starting out in makeup or if you're still at school and you just need that somthing. Lush!


5.Afternoon Tea 
This is the first of the three nude shades that I have. It's definitely the best of the three that I own. This is the most pink undertones nude of my collection. It looks amazing by its self or paired with a nude/pink lipstick. It's a very pretty and sophisticated shade. 

Again, I think this is a perfect shade for beginners or people at school and I love it a lot! 


This is the second of the nudes from my collection. It's a very unusual times nude. It has a very warm orange undertone mixed with a hint of brown. I think this colour would look gorgeous on people with more olive or tanned skin. I find this a little hard to wear sometimes because I am so pale. If you're super pale like me I'd stay away from this shade. 

It's definitely the glossiest of the nudes so if you love glossy nude lips, then you'll love this shade!! 


6.Just Peachy
This shade is the third and final nude shade. It's the one I regret most out of all the glosses. When applied it will apply as one layer and then it will start to move on my lips and budge into one area. It also sinks into any lines you have in your lips. It's a very thick and gloopy formula (since day 1.) It's not very glossy and it's very clumpy. 


Overall, these glosses aren't bad for the price. I do think you can get some similar and better products from the drugstore for the same price or even cheaper. I do like the pigmentation and the lasting power of these glosses. They're super shiny. The packaging and names are also super cute which is a bonus. 

Have you tried anything from Tanya's cosmetics range? Let me know in the comments down below or tweet me @AlbonsChum. Thanks for reading guys and I'll see you in my next post!
Loads of love

X. X. X. 

Available at:

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Top 5 Lipstick and Lipgloss duo's.

Lipsticks are a big yay for me whereas lipgloss is more or a Nay. However that still doesn't stop me from buying and collecting them. I mean come on, they're just so pretty!! So in today's blog post I thought I would show you some of my favourite Lipstick and Lipgloss combinations and the best thing about them is they're mostly all under £10! 

1. Purple berry
Looking at both these products individually you'd expect them to give off a very intense purple shade which is defiantly not the case. 
Lipstick- Rebel With Cause- Makeup Revolution-£1
This lipstick looks like a very dark gothic purple shade. It's classed as one of their "Vamp Shades." Meaning you'd expect it to be a very dark vampy purple shade right? Wrong! When this is on the lips it gives off a much more purpley berry tone rather than a pure purple colour. I absolutely love this colour for the winter. It's super creamy and moisturising meaning it doesn't dry your lips out in the slightest. The staying power isn't bad at all for the price of the lipstick and worn with a lip liner you could really make this last a long time. It's my go to shade at the moment for Winter and I'm absolutely loving it.  
Lipgloss- Exotic Island - Tanya BurrCosmetics -£5.99 RRP
This lipgloss could easily be worn alone if you fancy a dash of colour on your lips but you're not looking for something super intense. It's an absolutely gorgeous bright purple shade that really gives the lipstick definition. It's not heavily scented. The applicator wand is very nice and soft and it makes the product really easy to apply. It is slightly sticky but nothing unbearable. These lipgloss retail for £5.99. 

As you can see, the lipstick alone is very light in colour and not to pigmented whereas the lipgloss is definitely more like a liquid lipstick. Put together the lipstick tones down the gloss into the darker berry shade. Personally I love this mix a lot and would highly recommend it for the winter! 
 Overall, this is defiantly my favourite lip duo of all 5 for the winter. It gives a twist on the traditional red lip and I think it's perfect!

2-Popping Pink

Again I absolutely love this mix a lot! The lipstick is a very bright pink shade which I find a bit too bright for the winter so I've decided to go with a slightly darker pink lipgloss to tone it down a bit. 

Lipstick- Persian Rose- MUA-£1
MUA is one of my favourite drugstore brands from the UK. They offer super cheap makeup at a great quality. This is just one of the many £1 (yes £1 i know it's Crazy!) lipsticks I own. They're super creamy and moisturising. Paired with their lip liners they really do work a treat and for £1 you can't really go wrong. Persian rose can be left for a slight dash of colour of the lips or it can be built up into a beautiful Pink pout shade. It's already very glossy but nothing to over the top. 
Lipgloss-Buff-MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss-£2
This lipgloss is one of the lip glosses that makes your lips tingle and is supposed to give the illusion of them looking bigger. Although it doesn't make a massive difference in size, it really does look gorgeous. It's a frosty shade which I though would be perfect over our bright pink to tone it down and make it a bit more festive for Christmas time. 

As you can see, Persian Rose is a super bright neon pink and again, the lipgloss is very pigmented. They lock together really well and they create this really Gorgeous frosty pink neon shade which i love all year round. The only problem is that the lipgloss doesn't stay on for ages but the plus side is that it's not very sticky at all. 
Overall, this ends up being a very frosty duo which I'm not normally a fan off but I really do love this a lot. I think it's gorgeous and could be worn anywhere. 

3- Rose Red
Now, the next lipstick is known by everyone and their mum in the world of beauty. It is of course the Rimmel Kate lipstick in 107. I think this colour could be perfect for Christmas Day and It just makes me feel super festive! 

Lipstick-Kate 107-Rimmel-£5.59RRP
This is 100% my go to berry red shade. It's matte which is a bonus for me because I love my matte lipsticks! Every winter i come back to this shade and I always try and get away with it in the summer but it proves difficult. I love everything about this shade from the formula to the smell to how pigmented it is. The lasting power on this lipgloss is amazing and it's only £5.59 (rrp) 
Lipgloss- Heart Skipped a beat-Tanya 
Burr Cosmetics-£5.99RRP
When I purchased these lipgloss i accidentally picked up this red instead of the other one. I recently found it again in my makeup collection and realised it would be perfect for Christmas as it has glitter in it. It goes perfectly with my 107 lipstick because it gives it that glossy look (which is great if you don't like matte lips) and it gives it much more depth. Again it's slightly sticky but nothing to much and the applicator is great. 
I only wear the lipgloss with the lipstick when I'm feeling adventurous or festive because I do prefer it as a matte lipstick but it's definitely one of my favourite duos. It also looks amazing in photos. 

(This photo is not true to colour or gloss :( ) 
Overall, This is one of my favourite duos especially for the holidays. It also smells amazing. 

4.Subtle Strawberry. 
This next duo is again made by using a sheer lipstick and then a lacquer on top. This is definitely the duo I reach for the least of the 5. 

Lipstick- Super strawberry- Clinique Chubby Stick-£?
I absolutely hate this by its self. I find it very hard to apply and I hate the colour pay off it gives alone. Luckily I got this for free but I would of been pretty mad if I'd payed for it. 
Lipgloss-Rebel 1- Collection Colour Pro-£3?
I absolutely love these glosses.  They're known as liquid lacquers. They're super super pigmented and they're so glossy. The only problem I find is they're very sticky especially when first applied but it's worth it for the colour they give off
As you can see the chubby stick is very rough and gives hardly any colour off (this was after around 7 layers.) The reason i added the chubby stick underneath was to give it a slight more berry undertone and I wanted to tone the gloss down a bit As well. 
Overall, the final product is a really gorgeous everyday wearable pink. The two work a lot better as a pair than individually.  

5. Nearly nude
With this duo I was aiming for a really cute barbie pink shade but instead I am left with more of a light pink nude shade which I actually really like. It's one of my favourite duos purely because it uses my favourite ever lipgloss (which smells amazing btw!) 

 Lipstick-Cupcake-Revlon LipButter-£6.99
I remember When these first came out everyone wanted them. I bought four shades but unfortunately this turned out to be the worst one of the four shades. It was very sheer and i wasn't sure where I was going to wear it. It was a great formula and I loved the packaging, I'm just not into sheer colours. 

Lipgloss-Strip Tease-Model Co-£?
I LOVE THIS LIPGLOSS SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! This is my absolute favourite lipgloss I have ever tried in the whole world. It's not sticky, it's glossy, it's a beautiful colour, it's got a mirror and it smells and tastes amazing! This gloss is literally wearable with anything! If you can get your hands on it then I would defiantly recommend it. 

On camera the lipstick comes up a lot more pigmented then it actually is. It's a very barbie pink shade and I really do love the colour, just not the pigmentation. The gloss is pigmented, creamy and not sticky. Together they just create this amazingly gorgeous pink tones nude that is perfect for any occasion. 

Overall, this is very close to being my favourite duo. It's a gorgeous colour, it lasts a long time and it smells amazing! 


So that was my top 5 Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo's. Have you ever tried any of these or have you got any for me to try? Leave them in the comments or you can tweet me @AlbonsChum
Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post
Hope you all have a great day. Love you all. 

                       X.      X.     X.